To Grow Old By Your Side

To Grow Old By Your Side

Hey Jason & Peiwen, I can’t thank you both enough for being such a great couple. I remember how we first met and Jason had only just returned from a long flight and looking really tired. During the discussion, I also found out that both Jason and Peiwen are physiotherapists. Cut the story short, I had this really painful lower back strain, the kind that can could possibly feel completely immobile.

The pain very accurately diagnosed by Jason the groom, and he patiently explained the problem and taught me the effective exercise to prevent a relapse. Since then, I’ve so much more confident in my lower back movement, and the lower back strain is completely kept under control. 

For the record, I had already been prescribed a full physio course previously, but it didn’t help at all.

Remember the long flight that Jason returned from? Coincidentally he had just returned from specialized training on lower backs. So I thank God for you both and I am really honored to be part of your wedding celebration. May you both continue to be a blessing to those in need, and also a blessing for each other as man and wife, throughout this lifetime!







To Grow Old By Your Side: Jason & Peiwen

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